Gladiator c. 1893-94

At first glance, this Gladiator with serial number 34528 looks a lot like all those other diamond framed safeties from 1893-1894.
But it has its characteristics.
Most striking detail is of course the mount of the right crank to the bracket axle - a detail that is rarely seen, but not 100% exclusive for Gladiator. It seems that Brennabor also used this system.  Left crank is attached with a normal cotter pin. 

Very special and unique is the way the head tube is formed of pressed metal sheet, with a long vertical flange at the rear end. This tells us that Gladiator, a Paris-based firm that was taken over by Clément in 1896, was really an innovator.
Nice pedals, I can imagine they are the originals. Nice original early pneumatic tyre rims. Mudguards are (good) replicas. 
When restored, the original tube type 28 inch (rear) and 30 inch (front) tyres were replaced by a solid tyre, fixed to the original rim. 
Thanks Theo and Hans for the pictures.